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Introducing …

We are excited to announce Rattlesnake Napa Valley, Theta Chi’s new wine brand in partnership with Fairwinds Estate Winery.


The inaugural release of Rattlesnake Napa Valley will be June 30, 2021. Don’t miss out on becoming a member of the 1856 Wine Club! Club seniority is based on sign up date.





1856 Wine Club

1856 Wine Club Membership Financially Supports Theta Chi!

April 10th, 1856 holds a special place in all our hearts and binds us together. Since 1856, the bonds of our lifelong brotherhood have only grown stronger.

Theta Chi alumni now have the unique opportunity to support the initiatives of the Fraternity by becoming a member of the 1856 Wine Club. Brothers who join the 1856 Wine Club will receive handcrafted, limited production wines made exclusively for the Resolute Men of Theta Chi.

When you enjoy a glass of wine from Rattlesnake Napa Valley, you are supporting the Fraternity and the education of our collegiate brothers all while enjoying excellent wine from America’s most renowned wine country.

We would love for you to join the 1856 Wine Club to enjoy great wine and to give back to the organization that has such a special place in all our hearts.

Vive Le Theta Chi!


Inaugural Wines

Norwich – Old South Barracks

2018 Red Wine – Napa Valley

“The Theta Chi Society was the idea and plan of Frederick Norton Freeman, and with the assistance of Arthur Chase, his plans were perfected and the Society was organized at Norwich University on Thursday, April 10th, 1856 at 9 o’clock P.M.” Since Frederick Norton Freeman penned these words on the fly leaf cover of the original minutes book, nearly 200,000 men have been initiated into the timeless brotherhood of Theta Chi Fraternity.

What better place to inaugurate our Norwich Red Wine series than at the site of where it all began: The Old South Barracks. This proprietary red blend – from our award-winning winemaker Todd Heth – exhibits dark blackberry, bing cherry, and plum notes perfectly into layers of coffee and tobacco. The finish is dry with long lasting berry fruit. Silky but firm tannins, this wine is enjoyable now but has the ability to age well in the cellar.
$75 / Bottle

Dream Girl

2019 Chardonnay – Napa Valley

“I dream of the girl with the stars in her eyes…”

It’s hard to say which memories will come back more quickly – thinking about the special sweetheart who meant so much to the brothers of the chapter – or recalling the lyrics written by Sammy Kaye (Alpha Tau/Ohio 1932) and singing them while handing out red carnations. As you reminisce in your cottage for two, be sure to tell your Dream Girl that you’ve “found the one girl – the stars, moon, and sun girl, the girl I will always love best…”

We introduce to you “Dream Girl”. From the chalky soil of the Carneros region in southern Napa Valley, this gem exhibits lush green apple and bright grapefruit notes while dancing across your palate. This stunning wine is light and friendly with very subtle vanilla and pear blossom hints on the nose. Balanced fruit with tarte acidity makes this wine a classic example of Premium Napa Chardonnay.
$45 / Bottle


2018 Napa Valley Brut Sparkling – Méthode Champenoise

Dr. Robert L. Irish (Alpha/Norwich 1889) penned a lively song of celebration, fellowship, and reflection for the emerging, young fraternity. Take time to celebrate triumphs, achievements, special moments, and brotherhood. Let every good Theta now fill up his glass – and drink to the health of her glorious past – Vive Le Theta Chi!

This premium sparkling wine – meticulously and artfully made in the traditional champagne method – rivals anything found from the best Champagne houses in Épernay and Reims. Blended superbly from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, this magnificent Napa Valley Brut exhibits rich fruit aromatics of strawberry and delicate white cherry that follows through to a creamy mid-palate accompanied with highlights of lime and wet minerality and a lingering vibrant finish.

It should be shared among brothers in celebration of all life’s victories! “Again and again, again and again, Vive Le Theta Chi!”
$65 / Bottle

Club Format and Cost

In order to receive shipments and be eligible to purchase additional bottles, you must be a member of the 1856 Wine Club. A $50 one-time, non-refundable deposit will be processed to secure your June 2021 allocation. This deposit will be deducted from your June 2021 club shipment cost. Wines are released in two 6-bottle shipments each year (May/June and November).
Wines are allocated based on sign-up date seniority. The cost range for each 6-bottle shipment is $290 to $450 plus tax and shipping – depending on your selections. Each shipment arrives in a fire-branded Theta Chi wooden crate. Except for your one-time, non-refundable $50 deposit, your card will not be charged until a week before each shipment.
You can customize your wine selections! New, library and special edition wines will be offered. There is no long-term commitment, and you may cancel at any time.
Enjoy your wine and remember, when you share a glass, gift a bottle or visit the Fairwinds tasting room in Napa Valley together, you are supporting Theta Chi!

Support Theta Chi

Giving back to Theta Chi

When you join the 1856 Wine Club, proceeds are supporting Theta Chi and our collegiate brothers!

With every shipment, members of the 1856 Wine Club extend a Helping Hand to support Theta Chi in the development of future Resolute Men.

Apply to join the 1856 Wine Club and support Theta Chi Fraternity while enjoying world-class wines from Napa Valley.

Hear about Rattlesnake

“Being a Theta Chi is a lifelong experience and joining the 1856 Wine Club is a great way to celebrate and support our great fraternity.”
Darick H. Brown (Eta Gamma/Morehead State 1989)
International President, Theta Chi Fraternity
Enjoying a glass of wine from Rattlesnake Napa Valley provides Theta Chi alumni the opportunity to reflect on the past and reconnect with brothers from years gone by.”
Michael Mayer (Epsilon Phi/Central Missouri 2004)
Chief Executive Officer, Theta Chi Fraternity
“I am honored to make these wines for the Theta Chi brotherhood and cannot wait for you to share them with your brothers, family and friends!”
Brandon R. Chaney
Proprietor & CEO, Fairwinds Estate Winery & Rattlesnake Napa Valley

Experience the benefits and lifestyle!


Two shipments of six bottles per year (minimum to retain club seniority)

Wine received in a keepsake vintage fire-branded wooden crate

Exclusive access to limited releases and library wines

Exclusive access to the gift website to gift wines and merchandise to friends and family

Free wine tasting experiences for you and guests at Fairwinds in Napa Valley

Special access to Theta Chi only events and parties

Your name honored on the Theta Chi 1856 Wine Club Founder Member Memorial at the winery

  20% of wine sales financially supports Theta Chi

Fairwinds Estate wines offered at 15% off

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